Hi there!

I’m Liz, the artist behind Barombi Studios. My journey into ceramics was a little bit serendipitous. One day my husband and I were taking a walk and we happened to pass the ceramic studio in our neighborhood, which I had never noticed before. A hint dropped, one Christmas present gift certificate, and many classes later… I was hooked. As a child, I had always loved making things with construction paper, play dough, legos- anything I could get my hands on. Pair that with a background in engineering and graphic design, and pottery was a natural fit for me.

I started Barombi Studios with a desire to add meaning to my craft by combining my skills with my experiences and using that as a tool for connection. Barombi is named after a small village, Barombi Mbo, in the Southwest province of Cameroon in West Africa. I spent two of the most incredible summers of my life there while I was a student at The University of Dayton. What struck me most was the incredible hospitality, work ethic, and optimism of my friends there, as well as the general peacefulness of life in that village.

I try to bring these same values into my life as an artist and infuse the spirit of Barombi into my work. My goal is to bring vibes of serenity into home decor to counteract the chaos and stress that is our societal norm. Your home should inspire rest and recovery, like a retreat. Love, support, reconciliation, growth - these things start in the home. We can set the stage for peace.

We also believe it's important to take this opportunity to use design for a greater good. Barombi gives back to organizations that utilize good design in sustainable humanitarian efforts. Through art, you and I can continue connecting with those in need.

Our ceramics are 100% handmade functional stoneware made from locally-sourced clay. Each piece is formed, bisque fired, glazed and then fired again in our electric kiln. The result is beautiful, food safe, dishwasher safe, oven proof and stain resistant ceramics.

Every piece is truly one of a kind. Because glazes and firings and can sometimes be unpredictable, you may see very slight variations from the photographs or from batch to batch. These variations reflect the special character of each piece and are part of the natural beauty of handmade ceramics.

Tank yu an welkom fo Barombi. Thank you for supporting Barombi!